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07 November 2009 @ 12:01 am
Disappear [Chapter 1]  
Title: Disappear
Author: hazel_eyes_86
Betas: digitaldesigner and namarie24
Rating: PG-13
Category: STRA
Keywords: MSR, AU
Timeline/Spoilers: Set during Season 7, General Series Spoilers
Summary: When Scully gets a little too close on a case drastic actions have to be taken.
Disclaimer: Anything related to The X-Files belongs to CC, 1013, FOX.
Author's Note: I started this story back in 2005 but never got farther than a page into it. When xf_bigbang was announced I was trying to think of a story I could do and this one raised its dusty little head up and cried, 'Oh, pick me! Pick me!' Who am I to argue with a fic that wants to be written?

Thank you so much to digitaldesigner, who dragged me to the finish line on this one, and namarie24, who was amazingly patient with my love of commas.

Chapter 1

Dana Scully was tired of trying to make the destruction of cell phones by alien goo sound scientific. The words 'unidentified substance' didn't even look real after a 9 hour day of paperwork.

At least the office was quiet now. Her partner was never so restless as on days filled with bureaucracy.

"Hey, Scully, you want some seeds?"

"I'm going to have nightmares about paper-pushers coming after us, yelling about how we filed something in duplicate instead of triplicate, Scully."

"Scully, there's a report here of a woman having Bigfoot's baby. Think we should go check it out?"

She hadn't attempted to hide her relief when Mulder said he was heading home. After he left, work that had been taking all day was close to being done after an hour and a half.

She was signing her name to the last form when her phone rang. She flipped it open, not bothering to check who it was. Leaning back in her chair, she sighed into the phone, "Scully."

"Hey Scully, it's me."

"Did you get Bigfoot to take a paternity test?"

"You know, I was calling to tell you I was willing to feed you, but if you're going to take that tone..."

"You're already heading over to my apartment, aren't you, Mulder?"

"For your information, I'm actually heading towards food, Agent."

"Thai food?"

"Scully..." Sometimes Mulder was able to get to her by using his whiny, little boy voice; today was not one of those times.

"No, Mulder."

"Fine, but I'm not getting anything with garlic in it."

"I can't think of a situation where that would be an issue, but okay."

"Funny, I can think of several."

"I meant a probable situation."

"Well, you know me, Scully, I'm always hoping for the improbable."

She smiled, since he couldn't see her. "I'll see you in a little bit."

Walking around the office, Scully made sure the computers were turned off, that all the paperwork was set neatly in Mulder's outbox, ready to be sent through interoffice mail, and that she had everything she needed for the night in her briefcase. She was just locking the door to the basement office, when her phone rang again.


"Agent Scully," AD Skinner's voice boomed through her cell. "Have you left the office yet?"

"No, sir, I was just on my way out."

"I need you for a meeting in my office before you leave for the night."

She almost didn't contain her sigh. "Yes, sir. I'll be right there."


Scully was always surprised by how quickly the Hoover Building emptied out at the end of the day. The FBI never really closed, but the usual hustle and bustle of the day was over and the building was almost peaceful. When she reached Skinner's office, she saw that Kim had already gone home. This was a little unusual; she usually stayed until the AD left for the day.

She knocked on Skinner's door, and didn't have to wait long for a response.

"Come in."

As Scully walked in, the first thing she noticed was that there were two other people in the office aside from Skinner. One was a tall blonde woman, and the other was an equally tall, though somewhat ganglier, brunette man.

The AD seemed to sense her hesitation. "Agent, these are Marshals Shannon," he indicated the woman, and then gestured toward her male counterpart, "and Mann. They're here to talk to you."

"How's it going?" Marshal Shannon offered, in a blasé tone.

Scully ignored them except for a nod in their direction. "Sir, if I may ask, what is this about?"

"Scully, have a seat," he said in his 'this is going to be bad' tone.

She didn't particularly want to sit down, but took a seat in front of the AD's desk all the same.

"Agent Scully, you recently did an autopsy for the Organized Crime Division."

"Yes, sir. About a month ago. It was my understanding that they were able to break that case."

"That's correct. They were able to press charges against the top guys in the Spilano family."

"Unfortunately, the rest of them aren't taking it that well," Mann spoke up for the first time.

"Did anyone think they would?" Scully asked, with a tinge of sarcasm in her voice.

"No," Shannon commented, "and usually, in situations such as this, key witnesses have to go into hiding before the trial."

Scully was afraid she knew the answer to her next question but asked anyway. "And what does that have to do with me?"

"Scully, it was your autopsy findings that broke the case, and it will be your testimony that will bring down their boss. They know that." He paused. "The Marshals are with Witness Protection."

"No wonder Organized Crime needs to call in favors to get their autopsies done," Scully mumbled under her breath.

Skinner continued on as if he hadn’t heard her. "We hope that this relocation will only be temporary but we can’t promise any sort of a timeline. You are to inform no one that you are leaving."

"Sir... people will notice if I suddenly disappear." 'Mulder will notice,' she added silently, knowing Skinner would understand.

"Agent Scully, let me be perfectly clear: you will let us deal with these people. You will go about your business as usual tonight, no break from routine. You are to assume that someone is listening at all times. Tomorrow you will be transported to your new location, once it appears to the outside world that you are at work. Do not leave clues, do not leave a note. I cannot stress enough the importance of this." He paused and for the first time in the meeting she saw a break in the AD façade. "Scully- we’re trying to keep you alive."

"I do appreciate that fact, sir." She smiled sadly. "I just wish there was another way."

"I understand.” He sighed. “You're going to meet with the Marshals for a few minutes, so they can go over procedures and your cover."

Shannon and Mann took that as their cue to stand, and Scully rose to follow them.


"Yes, sir?

"Be careful."

She nodded, and almost turned to leave, but changed her mind. "Sir, Agent Mulder..."

"I'll make sure he doesn't require too many hospital stays during your absence."

"Thank you."


Scully drove home in complete silence. The radio had been on briefly but she’d turned it off. Her thoughts were loud enough – she didn’t need anything added. She just kept rehashing the meeting.

She was giving up her life because murderers wanted to continue murdering. How was it right that scum got to dictate how she lived? Not that this should have been a new concept to her. At least the FBI had a shot at capturing these guys, unlike the people she and Mulder usually chased after.

This depressing line of thought continued on as she parked and trudged up the stairs to her apartment. Outside the door she stopped short to notice the wonderful food smells emanating from inside. ‘Shit, Thai food,’ she remembered, quickly unlocking the door.

"Hey Scully," Mulder called from his location on the couch. He had a mouth full of food and was flipping through TV channels like he didn't have a care in the world. "I started without you. What took you so long?"

Scully hung up her jacket before sitting down on the couch, busying herself by putting food on her plate, even though she wasn't hungry. "Skinner needed to talk to me."

"Do we have a case?"

"No, nothing like that. He just had a question for me."

"You cheating on me with Skinner, Scully?" Mulder teased.

"I usually wait until I'm at least a month into a relationship with a man before I start cheating on him, Mulder," she joked back, but it fell flat. She shouldn't have tried for humor; he was immediately suspicious. He turned the TV off and set his food down on the coffee table.

"What's going on?" Mulder scooted closer to her, gently taking her chin and tipping her head back, trying to read her gaze.

"Nothing. I'm fine." She silently pleaded with him not to push it.

"Scully - "

"Mulder, please drop it."

He didn't listen. "Did Skinner say something to upset you?"

"Mulder, stop."

He wouldn't have noticed it if he hadn't still been holding her face in his hand, but he felt her jaw tremble slightly. 'What could be this bad?' he wondered silently. He opened his mouth to say something, but she raised her own hand to cup his jaw, cutting him off. She brought her other hand up, gently removing his hold on her face, briefly kissing his palm before releasing her hold.

Instead of letting his hand fall, Mulder instead gently caressed her cheek. Almost involuntarily, Scully responded to his touch, nuzzling into his hand.

She could tell that he still wanted to ask what was going on, and she wished more than anything that she could tell him.

"At least tell me you're going to be okay."

"I'm going to be fine," she offered him, but saw the fear had not left his eyes. The time of her cancer had taken so much from both of them, and continued to show in the oddest ways, like aversion to certain adjectives. "I'm going to be okay," she corrected.

Mulder's hand slipped to the nape of her neck and pulled her to him. His lips brushed softly against hers, but it wasn't enough. She pulled him tighter to her and pressed her lips to him more firmly, her tongue begging for entrance. As Mulder lifted her effortlessly onto his lap, Scully gasped as she found herself flush against him.

Forcing herself to pull back, Scully stood up. Mulder's head fell against the back of the couch with a groan.

"We'll eat later," she whispered, holding her hand out to him. She didn't have to wait very long for his response.


Scully had known what Mulder looked like sleeping long before she knew the feel of his lips running over body. This was due to numerous stakeouts, hospital visits, and cross-country flights. However, she still loved to watch during the few hours he abandoned himself to unconsciousness.

Leaning over, she softly grazed a slight kiss across his temple, not wanting to wake him. "I love you," she whispered, her voice choking on the last word as she tried to suppress the tears that were clogging her throat.

"Scully," Mulder mumbled in his sleep.

One tear did escape, and slid as far as her jaw before she wiped it away. Laying her head on his shoulder, she tried to fall asleep to the steady beat of his heart.

'Please stay safe,' she thought over and over again, afraid to say it out loud.


Scully finally fell asleep about an hour before it was time to wake up. She was so tired that she actually slept through her alarm, but Mulder's gentle hands shook her awake nonetheless.

"Scully, maybe you should call in today. You don't look so good."

"Is that how you get all the girls, Mulder?"

"By showing concern for their well-being? Yeah, pretty much."

"It's Friday, Mulder. I just have to make it through the day and then it's the weekend."

"Ah, that's the sequence... I always get it mixed up."

"No, you just don't recognize weekends at all."

"I've actually become quite fond of weekends," he murmured, before leaning down and capturing her lips.

'God, he's making this so hard.'

"See you at work?" Mulder asked when he pulled back.

All she could do was nod, not able to force the lie past her lips.


"Agent Scully," Marshal Mann acknowledged her when she arrived. "You ready to disappear?"

"If I said no, would I get to stay?"

"No," Shannon said, holding up a brown wig and a new suit. "These are just to get you out of the building; you can change in there," she indicated a closet in the back of the room.

Scully tried not to think about any of this as she quickly changed into her disguise. When she exited the closet she held her arms outstretched, as if to say 'well?'

Mann and Shannon nodded in approval. Then Shannon said, "Let's get you a new life."

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